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The same text of this note is posted to all the three articles Kandula, Dutthagamani and Sri Lanka.

Some inconsistency may lurk in description in those articles.

  1. The article Kandula talks about King Duttagamani (101 - 77 BC) who mounted Kandula the elephant during the wars that led to the unification of Sri Lanka.
  2. The article on Dutthagamani (king of Ceylon, or Sri Lanka, from 101 to 77 BC) says, "He had to fight his brother, Saddha Tissa, to gain his crown," and "He marched north and killed the Tamil leader Elara."
  3. Sri Lanka recites defender kings of the Sinhara nation against Tamil invasion, one of whom is Dutugemunu, but gives no account of his reign years.
  4. King Dutugemunu (161-137 BC) calls Dutugemunu a king who defeated a Tamil king Elara, and "united the Sinhalese for the first time." His reign is 161-137 BC. Also described is that as a prince Dutugemunu fought and beat his younger brother Tissa to have Kandula the elephant, and as the king he mounted Kandula in battle with the Tamil army.
  5. Daily Mirror Online : Opinion says, "the great king Duttagamani, better known as Dutugemunu."
  6. Unfortunately not so readable as a whole, DUTUGEMUNU EPISODE RE-EXAMINED includes a passage "whether the Dutthagamani's war is an isolated event in history, we find that it antedates the reign of Duttagamani at least by one generation."
  7. Here is an English translation of a few chapters of Mahavamsa (the Great Chronicle of Sri Lanka), which may or not serve for solving our problem.

Toby (YebisYa) IQUEPPE 18:50, 2004 Nov 23 (UTC)