Earl of Eltham

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Earldom of Eltham
Coronet of a British Marquess.svg
Arms of the Marquess of Cambridge
Creation date16 July 1917
MonarchKing George V
PeeragePeerage of the United Kingdom
First holderAdolphus Cambridge
Last holderGeorge Cambridge
Remainder toThe 1st Earl’s heirs male of the body lawfully begotten
Subsidiary titlesViscount Northallerton
Extinction date16 April 1981
(Fearless and faithful)

The title of Earl of Eltham has been created twice as a subsidiary title. The first creation was in the Peerage of Great Britain in 1726 as a subsidiary title for the Duke of Edinburgh, eldest son of the Prince of Wales. This merged in the crown in 1760.

The second creation was in 1917 in the Peerage of the United Kingdom for the Duke of Teck, brother of Queen Mary, who gave up his German titles for the British title of Marquess of Cambridge.

Earls of Eltham, first creation (1726)[edit]

Earls of Eltham, second creation (1917)[edit]